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PreSonus HP60 Headphone Amp


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Presonus HP60

The PreSonus HP60 is a powerful and flexible headphone amplifier mixing system designed for recording studio and live sound applications. The HP60 allows you to create six customized headphone mixes utilizing up to three separate stereo or mono inputs (mix A, mix B, and external input). Talkback via external microphone input is also featured on the HP60 for direct communication between the engineer/producer and the band. The HP60 is extremely easy to setup and interfaces with any computer-based recording system, analog or digital mixer. Designed to enhance music creation, the HP60 gives everyone in the band the loud and clear headphone mixes they need. 

  • Six independent ultra low noise high output headphone amplifiers
  • Two sets of stereo or mono inputs (A and B) with balanced TRS connectors
  • Stereo or mono external input point on each channel for "more me" control
  • Mix control between inputs A and B
  • Talkback with external dynamic microphone (mic not included)
  • Direct stereo line output on each channel to drive in ear monitor systems or cascade additional headphone amps
  • Mono and mute on each channel